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Clare Hurley

Senior Leadership Team

Clare is the UK Chief Operating Officer. A dynamic and passionate leader of mental health services, she drives ieso forwards in clinical excellence and achieving the best possible patient outcomes.

Prior to joining ieso in 2022, she held a number of senior clinical leadership roles in the public healthcare sector, with a strong track record of managing transformational change within a range of psychological services.

Clare is both a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and fully qualified social worker and has a solid background in research, having a Masters degree in Social Research Methods from The London School of Economics and Political Science. Her unique blend of skills makes her an invaluable member of ieso’s senior leadership team.

“I’m really excited by what we do here at ieso with digital therapeutics. I’d long admired ieso from the sidelines before joining and am still constantly impressed by the quality of care and level of agility we manage to achieve. The research and innovation that has taken place here has been groundbreaking, and as someone with a research background, I find that incredibly inspiring”

The Board and Leadership Team

Dr Andy Blackwell

Group Chief Science & Strategy Officer

Clare Hurley

Chief Operating Officer (UK)

Dr Jodi Prohofsky

Chief Operating Officer (US)

Danah Tangen

Chief of Staff

Dr Valentin Tablan

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Kate Woolland

Chief Delivery Officer

James Kellerman

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Charlotte Housden

(Maternity leave)

Stephen Freer

EVP Clinical

Dr Andrew Welchman

EVP Impact

Siobhan Brown

Head of HR

Robert Spavin

EVP Legal & IP

Jordan Elliott

Director of Product & Design