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Danah Tangen

Senior Leadership Team

Danah joined ieso in 2017, bringing almost twenty years’ experience in the healthcare industry to the company. Of these, fifteen have been focussed on mental health or behaviour modification programs.

She has specialised in leadership roles that span sales, marketing, and product development. As a product manager at CIGNA, she developed one of the industry’s first integrated medical, behavioral health, and well-being program for large employers.

She led the marketing, product, and consumer experience teams at Bloom Health, a health tech start-up that created machine learning-based recommender models for helping individuals find the best health insurance plan.

She was Director of Marketing at vidscrip, a health tech start-up to educate patients on behalf of physicians, health systems and life sciences companies – all of which know that a better educated patient is more likely to follow through with their treatment regimen and therefore more likely to get better.

Consequently, she provides our Senior Leadership Team with a proven, unique ability to see the bigger picture, focus on the points of differentiation and be creative about how these can be best used to our advantage. She also adds in-depth experience and understanding how products are brought to market, commercialized, and reimbursed in the US.

“I was attracted to ieso because of its unique patient-centric focus on the outcome of care. The US is largely a utilisation-based system: you go for a visit; you pay for a visit. The care provider is reimbursed typically regardless of the quality of outcome. The fact that there’s a company out there designing products based on the end result – optimising outcome and not the process – and that its working, and patients are getting better, was so exciting.”

The Board and Leadership Team

Dr Andy Blackwell

Group Chief Science & Strategy Officer

Clare Hurley

Chief Operating Officer (UK)

Danah Tangen

SVP US Market Development

Dr Valentin Tablan

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Dr Charlotte Housden

Interim Chief Product Officer

Dr Andrew Welchman

EVP Impact & Corporate Development

Siobhan Brown Chartered FCIPD

Human Resources Director

Robert Spavin

EVP Legal & IP