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Delivering quality care that works

We blend data science and deep clinical expertise to create scalable, effective, and highly personalised digital mental health products.

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ieso Therapy Service

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For over a decade, ieso has been one of the largest providers of online, AI-enabled, human-delivered therapy within the National Health Service's (NHS) globally recognised Talking Therapies programme.  

Through our award-winning digital platform, ieso has delivered therapeutic interventions to 125,000+ people with over 700,000 hours of treatment provided. We use a typed modality which captures, with permission, the exchange between a therapist and patient all in an ISO27001-compliant manner.

Coupled with session-by-session progress measures, ieso has a globally unique, de-identified dataset that we analyse to increase the quality and effectiveness of therapy. This dataset not only improves our scientific knowledge of mental health, but drives technological innovation to improve access to care, lower costs, and by personalising treatments - deliver better outcomes for patients.

Key features

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One-to-one typed and video cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
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Network of 600+ PWPs and BABCP accredited high-intensity therapists
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Flexible appointments - available 7 days a week, 6am-11pm
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Number of sessions varies by patient need
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Treating Step 2, Step 3 and Step 3+ patients
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45–60 minute therapy sessions
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Device-agnostic platform

Conditions treated

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Panic disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sleep problems
Social anxiety

ieso Digital Programme (pilot phase)

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Built to provide immediate support to those managing worry and anxiety, whether waiting for therapy or not.

The app-based programme is comprised of a unique blend of evidence-based CBT approaches. They have been carefully selected having been shown, through analysis of ieso's dataset of 700,000 hours of delivered therapy, to be the most effective with patients.

Sessions are delivered by the digital guide, an AI conversational agent that uses text pre-written by our team of experienced clinicians, personalising the content displayed to the user based on what they type.

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Up to three weekly sessions of varying lengths
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Sessions delivered sequentially via conversational agent
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Typed, video and audio sessions
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Practical exercises to complete both in-app and between sessions
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Use of the programme does not delay entry to treatment

Key benefits

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Can provide immediate support for help managing anxiety and worry

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A self-guided process which is easy to engage with and available anytime, anywhere from a smartphone

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Long-term benefit

Development of long-term practical CBT skills to build positive long-term habits

Meet the product and design team

Jack Larner

Design Director

Andie Hansen

Director of Product Marketing

Jordan Elliott

Director of Product

Emily Marshall

Director of Clinical Program Development

Shaun Mehew

Director of Clinical Strategy

Dr Charlotte Housden

Interim Chief Product Officer

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