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2 Min Read

Introducing ieso's brand new podcast, Thinking Ahead


Welcome to Thinking Ahead – ieso’s new podcast sharing news and views about breakthrough discoveries that are transforming mental healthcare.


In this first episode, ‘Artificial Intelligence and Global Partnerships’, our CEO, Nigel Pitchford, reveals the masterplan behind our big goal of positively impacting the mental health of 100 million lives over the next five years.


Find out how the insights derived from our vast therapy dataset by our AI and machine learning technology are key. And how we’re using them to create digital therapeutic products that empower our global partners to give patients the right treatment quicker so they recover sooner and stay well longer.


Listen in below or find Thinking Ahead on your chosen podcast player.

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(First recorded on 17 November 2021)

Listen in to the first episode of our new mental health tech podcast, Thinking Ahead. Hear from our CEO, Nigel Pitchford, about how we’re scaling and staying true to our social purpose.
4 Min Read
7 Feb 2023

ieso’s Director of Mental Health Research, Dr Louise Marshall, welcomes the launch of Nature Mental Health journal by the Springer Nature Group.

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16 Jan 2023

Blue Monday is supposedly the most ‘depressing’ day of the year. Did you know Blue Monday was invented by a holiday company as a PR campaign to help sell holidays back in 2005? Find out more here.

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29 Dec 2022

For many, the festive season is a chance to rest, spend time with family or friends, and to take a break from work. Here are some ways to manage the back to work anxiety, or 'Sunday Scaries'.