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Spotlight on: Deborah Cleary, Head of Payer Development

11 Apr 2023

We shine a spotlight on our Head of Payer Development, Deborah Cleary, who will be attending HIMSS '23 in Chicago with the UK Department of Business and Trade from April 17 to 21.


We talk to Deborah about the latest developments in the US market and what drives her and the ieso mission forward.


You are attending the global health conference and exhibition HIMSS '23 in Chicago next week. What can visitors to our stand expect to learn from you and the team there?

A part of ieso’s expansion is to partner with health plans, healthcare systems and payer partners in the US to deliver clinically validated, digital mental health solutions for the treatment of a range of mental health conditions.

At HIMMS, we can meet our health plan partners in person – several of whom will implement the ieso solutions as early as this summer.

We also want to begin to showcase our latest product demo – ieso’s next-generation, scalable, digital solution. We welcome new visitors and old friends and look forward to showing them just how far we understand their clinical business needs and how our solutions can address them. We have listened to the voices and needs of industry leaders, clinical influencers, and policy advocates, and together we are working to systematically solve many of the clear and universal challenges that the healthcare ecosystem has when it comes to the provision and delivery of clinically meaningful mental health solutions.  

Our programs support access, quality, engagement, and affordability. We can also demonstrate clear and considerate thinking when it comes to making sure that our solutions fit into existing partner workflows - low-level integration requirements make working with us a practical reality.  

How are you working alongside the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade?

Beyond the partners we already have, go-to-market exploration and evolution is a big part of our remit – so it is important to us that we continue to develop our strong relationship with the UK Department for Business and Trade and be able to exhibit alongside fellow digital health and life sciences companies that represent British health-tech innovation in the US market.


How are you approaching the US market more generally?

Being able to offer evidence-based solutions designed through responsible innovation at their core really matters to me. So, to be able to demonstrate that to partners and use it as a foundation for strong alliances is our approach.

We have already proven this in the UK with our long-standing NHS partnerships. In the US, it really is about showing our health plan and health system partners that we are a well-established care company systematically building the next-generation digital therapeutics, using a clinically designed conversation agent (AI) and our globally unique outcomes-indexed mental health treatment dataset.  

That is what makes us different. There are tens of thousands of tech companies trying to build clinical care solutions out there, so it is vital that we are clear in our communication and provide excellent customer service – after all, these are our initial Lighthouse Customers in the US market.


How did your career bring you to your role at ieso?

I joined ieso to help bring clinically meaningful digital therapy to people in need, on a global scale. I am interested in offering mental health support for people who would not have gone to see a therapist in person anyway, people who do not think it is for them, and people who have long waits to get in to see a mental health therapist. I have experienced too many friends, families, and community members who have experienced a decline in their health because they could not get access to care for extended periods of time. How could I not be part of a company that wakes up every day with the goal of solving this problem for all?

My role in achieving this is by understanding how to create relevant go-to-market propositions in complex geographies – currently, this is in the US, where understanding commercial dynamics and how to build partnerships is key.  

I got to this point via a career spent developing business and communication strategies for innovative and forward-thinking brands and companies. I have worked in developed and emerging global markets like the Middle East as well as Europe and the US, so it is something I love doing.


To meet Deborah or Dr Jodi Prohofsky at HIMSS23 in Chicago, get in touch here.

For our latest spotlight interview, we speak to Deborah Cleary about her role as Head of Payer Development at ieso.