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2 Min Read

McKinsey explains how ieso moves digital health forward

13 Jan 2021

McKinsey explains how ieso has created safe, patient-centred technology. They believe there are six interconnected building blocks required to establish a scalable business in digital health:

  1. Talent and agility,
  2. Clear value proposition,
  3. Robust products,
  4. Delightful experience,
  5. Proven value,
  6. And scalable model.

Our online therapy platform “addresses a shortage of cognitive behavioural therapists in the United Kingdom, where waiting lists for appointments have been as long as 18 months.”

The article explains how we’ve used proprietary data to improve our therapy platform and develop AI-driven cognitive behavioural therapy by “tacking the conversations therapists have with patients against the treatment results”.

McKinsey interviewed six leaders of digital health companies to discuss issues with harmonising the clinical and technological divide.

Read the full article here: Moving digital health forward: Lessons on business building.

ieso has created safe, patient-centred technology that meets McKinsey's six interconnected building blocks to establish a scalable business in digital health
4 Min Read
7 Feb 2023

ieso’s Director of Mental Health Research, Dr Louise Marshall, welcomes the launch of Nature Mental Health journal by the Springer Nature Group.

5 Min Read
16 Jan 2023

Blue Monday is supposedly the most ‘depressing’ day of the year. Did you know Blue Monday was invented by a holiday company as a PR campaign to help sell holidays back in 2005? Find out more here.

6 Min Read
29 Dec 2022

For many, the festive season is a chance to rest, spend time with family or friends, and to take a break from work. Here are some ways to manage the back to work anxiety, or 'Sunday Scaries'.