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ieso’s Dr Valentin Tablan featured in IEEE Pulse magazine’s article “Improving Psychotherapy With AI: From the Couch to the Keyboard”

16 Nov 2022

A recent article for Pulse, the magazine of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, looked at a number of companies at the forefront of using AI to enhance quality, expand access, and measure outcomes to improve care for patients, including ieso.

They spoke to our Chief AI Officer, Dr Valentin Tablan about how we use it to track how symptom intensity changes throughout treatment by measuring them at every point of contact with a patient: “From a data science point of view, that’s an ideal situation. You have the full record of the intervention that was given to the patient and you have a measurement of the outcome, how the symptoms changed as a result of that intervention,” – and also about how are using those findings to improve existing services and build new products.

To read the article in full, click here.

ieso’s Chief AI Officer, Dr Valentin Tablan was featured in IEEE Pulse magazine’s recent article on how AI is being used to improve mental health treatment