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Dr Louise Marshall joins ieso from the Wellcome Trust

23 Mar 2022

ieso is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Louise Marshall as our Director of Mental Health Sciences.

Louise joins us from the Wellcome Trust, where she developed a £500m portfolio of world-leading brain and behavioural research and co-created a new multi-million-pound strategy to transform global mental health. Her focus was on integrating diverse, multidisciplinary expertise to reshape the Mental Health Science landscape and strengthen the connections between scientific discovery and effective treatments.

At ieso, Louise will be developing a human-centred research programme that raises standards for effective and scalable mental health care. She will play a pivotal role in generating evidence to inform technology-enabled treatments, apply behavioural science to support patients’ engagement with our treatment tools, and build cross-disciplinary partnerships to understand which treatments work best for whom and why.

All of this work will be underpinned by responsible innovation and lived experience expertise, to ensure our research is informed by the fair, ethical and trustworthy use of data that meets the needs and values of our patients and clinicians.

Louise said:

“The clinical and scientific excellence ieso brings together to draw insights from real-world treatment data puts us in a powerful position to pinpoint the active ingredients of psychological therapy. I’m excited to use this knowledge to stimulate new research that transforms our ability to refine, personalise and scale treatment delivery so that millions more people can access effective mental health care when and where they need it.”

Welcoming his colleague, Executive Vice President for Impact Dr Andrew Welchman said:

“Louise is a creative thinker with deep insight into how multiple perspectives can come together to tackle the challenge of improving mental health for millions of people. I’m delighted that she chose ieso for the next step in her career during this exciting time for the company. I know that her intellectual curiosity and human compassion will help transform our thinking as we meld deep scientific discovery, clinical insight and expertise-by-experience.”

A scientist by background, Louise holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London and a BA in Physiological Sciences from the University of Oxford. Her doctoral research combined behavioural, pharmacological and computational methods to uncover the brain mechanisms of human decision-making. She is also a Student Mentor with The Social Mobility Foundation.

ieso is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Louise Marshall as our Director of Mental Health Sciences