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Dr Andy Blackwell’s TED Talk featured in Health Tech World

18 Aug 2022

Health Tech World recently published an article highlighting their 10 outstanding TED talks that shook the health tech space, one of which was presented by ieso’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Andy Blackwell.

Andy’s talk, delivered at TEDxNatick in 2020, provides insight into how ieso is changing the delivery of mental health services through AI-assisted online therapy to improve patients' lives.

The 18-minute talk summarises the importance of understanding the active ingredients, or core mechanisms, of effective psychotherapy and measuring outcomes. To illustrate this, Andy draws on the findings of one of ieso’s 2019 research papers, published in JAMA psychiatry, ‘Associating psychotherapy content and clinical outcomes’. This study used a deep learning model to categorise and analyse therapist utterances from approximately 90,000 hours of internet-enabled cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Andy explains, “we can challenge ourselves to have higher expectations in mental healthcare.” However, he recognises “we have two key challenges. The first is that we need to find new ways of giving people better access to treatment. The second is that we need to make sure that the treatments we offer people are as effective as possible, and technology and artificial intelligence may have a role to play.”

Click here to watch Andy Blackwell’s full TED talk.

ieso’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Andy Blackwell, was featured in Health Tech World’s recently published article, showcasing 10 TED talks that transformed the health tech space.