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Thinking Ahead – Episode 4. AI and Data for Mental Health Care – Dr Ronan Cummins, Dr Jennifer Gentile, and Dr Michael Ewbank on how it’s being used today, and how it could be used in the future


Dr Ronan Cummins (ieso’s Director of AI Research), Dr Jennifer Gentile, (ieso’s SVP of US Research and Clinical Innovation), and Dr Michael Ewbank (ieso Senior Scientist) discuss how AI and data are being used to improve patient outcomes for therapists treating mental health conditions, and how this could continue to evolve as technological innovation progresses.

Beginning with an explanation of what AI is and how it’s used for this application, they go on to explain why it works.

Discussing how it benefits the patient in the recovery, they also explain the ethical implications of using AI and data in healthcare, and how organisations like ieso maintain the necessary level of clinical standards.

Finally, they consider the future of AI and data-driven therapeutics, and how further technological advances could continue to make these treatments even more successful.

Listen below or search for it in your podcast player. And be sure to subscribe to catch our future episodes.

(First recorded on 9 March 2022)

Interested in how AI and data are being used today to improve patient outcomes for therapists treating mental health conditions? Tune in to our latest podcast to find out more