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A new era for ieso

5 Oct 2021

Our ambition is to not only provide world-class therapy, it’s to transform mental healthcare around the world. But we understand more than most that any meaningful change begins within. Which is exactly why we are excited to launch the first phase of the new ieso brand.

Why are we rebranding?

We’re already making significant improvements in how a person experiences therapy today, with clinical evidence, precision treatment, and unprecedented access over text and video. Plus, with one of the largest datasets in the world, we’re discovering more and bettering care with every single session.

Our approach gives us an opportunity to fundamentally change how the entire world understands, treats and recovers from mental ill health. Our new brand signals this ambitious new era for ieso and reflects reflects the three principles that define everything we stand for as an organisation: compassion, excellence and audacity.


This first phase launch of the brand is just the beginning

You’ll see new colours and copy, imagery and illustrations cross our corporate channels from October 5th 2021. But as we roll out our new look and feel across every part of ieso, we will ensure each of our patients, clinicians, and partners feel part of this journey.

That means that no technology will suddenly change overnight. And the way each of these groups actually experience and interact with ieso will remain the same until 2022.

Check back for more updates on the evolution of the ieso brand.  

Our ambition is to not only provide world-class therapy, it’s to transform mental healthcare around the world
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