Navigate your feelings of anxiety and worry

with help from your digital guide

Meet your Digital Guide

You will chat, much like text messaging, with your AI digital guide. The digital guide will support you through the program sessions and activities where you will learn how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques when you feel anxious, worried, or stressed.  The content that the digital guide provides has been written by ieso’s clinicians.

What to expect?

Sessions and activities become available as you progress through the program, so you can set the pace. Here’s an overview of the program sessions:

How does the program work?

Fast-to-access self-guided support
Access self-guided digital support for managing worry and anxiety whether waiting for therapy or not
Available anytime, anywhere
The program features over 8 hours of content, including typed conversations with your digital guide, and interactive activities broken down into bitesize weekly sessions so you can work the program around your personal commitments
Program flexes to suit your lifestyle
Sessions and activities can take place wherever and whenever you feel most comfortable, all you need is a smartphone to get started
Guidance towards living well
Learn practical skills to use in day-to-day life to build positive long-term habits and to help manage feelings of worry and anxiety
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I am more than what my mind sees me as, or than how other people see me. Every situation is different, and I have the power to control my story.

I am more than what my mind sees me as, or than how other people see me. Every situation is different, and I have the power to control my story.

ieso programme user

What happens next?

1. Register and download

Create an account using your email address.

Download the free ieso app from the Apple App Store or Google Play from your mobile device.

2. Start the program

The program is delivered in weekly sessions of various lengths. Through app-based conversations with your digital guide, you will set goals, break down concerns, address changes to behavior, and relate to thoughts in a more helpful way.

3. Practice

Learn evidenced-based skills to practice both in sessions and in life.

How do I know if this program may be right for me?

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You are experiencing regular feelings of worry, anxiety and stress
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You have access to a smartphone that can connect to the internet
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You are aged 18 or over
Please note, the ieso program is not for emergency use. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, including urges to harm yourself or someone else call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
Please read our Instructions for Use for further details.

People often ask us...

People often want to know how the ieso programme app works and what is involved.  Here’s some of the questions we are often asked:

Who is ieso?

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Named ieso after the Goddess of Recuperation, we are a healthcare company passionate about using technology to create a world where everyone has access to effective and timely mental healthcare. We have provided over 135,000 UK patients with 1:1 CBT and built a unique mental health dataset that powers our efforts to improve mental health. We are expert clinicians, scientists, and digital technologists working together to create effective and highly personalized digital mental health products.

What is the ieso program?

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This is a guided wellbeing program that you can access on your smartphone and with an internet connection. Created by our highly experienced clinicians and behavioral scientists, it has been designed to help you develop skills to better manage feelings of worry and stress. The program is delivered in six modules, each containing up to five, 10-20 minute interactions. During each session you will be guided by a digital agent through videos, educational content, interactive worksheets and more – all designed to help you understand and manage your stress, anxiety, and worry.

How do I talk to a digital guide?

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We recommend responding to the questions the digital guide is asking with as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing so you can get the maximum benefits from the program. Remember that the digital guide is designed to lead you through mental health concepts and exercises written by trained therapists. The guide does not have the capability to answer questions outside its designed function. If you get off track, the guide will nudge you back to the purpose of the session.

How long are sessions and what will I need to prepare?

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Each week you will be invited to attend up to five sessions, each lasting around 20 minutes. To make the most out of each session, we recommend setting yourself up somewhere where you will be comfortable and able to concentrate with minimal distractions. You will also require an internet connection. When you complete your sessions and tasks is entirely up to you.

What do sessions involve?

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The sessions will involve you typing answers to questions relating to how you are experiencing worry and stress. You will watch, listen to, and read expert content that relates to your answers and helps you develop new skills. You will also be invited to complete between session tasks that give you the opportunity to practice these skills and apply them in your everyday life. Practicing these skills has been proven to help people better manage worry and stress and live well.  

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