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James Kellerman

Senior Leadership Team

James is our Chief Technical Officer, bringing two decades of tech leadership experience to ieso. He crafts our technology strategy, oversees the building of strong product and engineering teams, and drives the delivery of stellar products and platforms.

Before ieso James led teams across Healthtech, Automotive and Defencetech – and his former clients include the US Department of Defence.

As Touch Surgery’s VP of Engineering, he led multiple departments in training cutting-edge machine learning networks. These were able to recognise surgical tasks, predict duration, and improve the performance of surgical teams.

As CTO of Tempus Energy, he headed up a team of data scientists and engineers building machine learning systems that helped energy customers reduce costs and emissions.

“For me a key part of my job is painting a picture of what the problem is then giving team members the tools and resources to go and create the solution themselves. If they understand what you're trying to create and why, you get all the quality that person can bring through their creativity, insight, and capabilities.”

The Board and Leadership Team

Dr Andy Blackwell

Group Chief Science & Strategy Officer

Clare Hurley

Chief Operating Officer (UK)

Dr Jodi Prohofsky

Chief Operating Officer (US)

Danah Tangen

Chief of Staff

Dr Valentin Tablan

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Kate Woolland

Chief Delivery Officer

James Kellerman

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Charlotte Housden

(Maternity leave)

Stephen Freer

EVP Clinical

Dr Andrew Welchman

EVP Impact

Siobhan Brown

Head of HR

Robert Spavin

EVP Legal & IP

Jordan Elliott

Director of Product & Design