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Using science and digital therapeutics to tackle mental health challenges

ieso is the first company in the world to explore therapy language through machine learning. We work to translate this into digital therapeutics that make precision treatment and assessment accessible anywhere.

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Changing the future of mental health by unlocking the power of clinical data

Our mission is to transform global mental health by unlocking the power of clinical data. We’re revolutionising the way the world understands and treats mental health. We aim to make mental healthcare accessible to all by creating digital assessment and therapeutic tools for mental health conditions.

Just like physical healthcare, insights into mental health can be drawn from big data. At ieso we’re changing the future of mental health by unlocking the power of clinical data.

The ieso team at TEDx

Dr Andy Blackwell is the Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer at ieso. Watch Andy’s talk at TEDxNatick on “Artificial Intelligence Meets Mental Health Therapy” in which he shares our vision for mental health transformation and how we are using AI to improve recovery results for tens of thousands of patients.

Innovation is at the heart of ieso. Our science & DTx research focuses on three themes:

Treat smarter

A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in meeting individual needs. We need tailored care to drive up recovery rates and reduce relapse.

Scale up

There are not enough therapists in the world to meet care needs. We need to radically scale-up care - using automation and augmentation to make clinical resources go much further - and making care affordable around the globe.

Start sooner

Current interventions are delivered too late. We need to predict and, where possible, prevent mental ill-health to result in better outcomes.

We are on an innovation journey and partner with like-minded organisations that want to improve mental health

We’ve partnered with over 15 organisations including Roche, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Meet the experts

Dr Valentin Tablan

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Dr Ana Catarino​

Director of Clinical Science

Dr Andy Blackwell

Group Chief Science & Strategy Officer

Dr Ronan Cummins

Director of AI Research

Dr Michael Ewbank

Senior Scientist

Where next?
ieso’s four research streams

We are working on creating breakthroughs in four crucial areas of mental healthcare. 

1. Right treatment first time

Therapy is expensive - and recovery requires the right intervention. How can we avoid the costly revolving door?

2. Active dose of therapy, every time

Therapists vary and clinical quality often depends on therapist intuition and experience. How can we consistently maximise dose and chances of recovery?

3. Accessibility, for everyone everywhere

Treatment is expensive and clinician time is scarce. How can digital treatment reduce the cost and increase the accessibility of care?

4. Prevention is better than cure

Helping patients stay well and detecting problems early saves money and lives. How can data and technology make this a reality?

Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet and JAMA. Take a read through our papers below:

ieso’s research has been published in key journals over the last ten years, adding crucial knowledge to our understanding of effective mental healthcare. For updates on when we publish new research papers, blogs and other resources sign up to our newsletter.

The relationship between patient language and outcomes
Ewbank, M. P., Cummins, R., Tablan, V., Catarino, A., Buchholz, S., & Blackwell, A. D.

ieso commissioned this research study, using a deep learning approach, to understand the relationship between patient language and outcomes in internet-enabled cognitive behavioural therapy.

Using tech to associate therapist variables with outcomes
Bateup, S., Palmer, C., & Catarino, A.

ieso uses therapy transcripts derived from internet enabled cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) treatment sessions to understand how therapist variables are associated with clinical outcomes in IAPT.

Depressive states and state transitions in CBT
Catarino, A., Fawcett, J. M., Ewbank, M. P., Bateup, S., Cummins, R., Tablan, V., & Blackwell, A. D.

ieso uses a data-driven approach to define fluid depressive states and explore how patients transition between these states in response to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Perceptions of chatbots in therapy
Bell, S., Wood, C., & Sarkar, A.

ieso piloted a comparative study of therapy sessions following the interaction of 10 participants with human therapists versus a chatbot to recommend ways of overcoming the drawbacks of chatbots.

Associating psychotherapy content and clinical outcomes
Ewbank, M. P., Cummins, R., Tablan, V., Bateup, S., Catarino, A., Martin, A. J., & Blackwell, A. D.

In this study, ieso adopts a deep learning model to automatically categorize therapist utterances from approximately 90 000 hours of internet-enabled cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

TIM: Psychotherapy insights tool
Cummins, R., Ewbank, M. P., Martin, A., Tablan, V., Catarino, A., & Blackwell, A. D.

ieso introduces and demonstrates the usefulness of a tool that automatically annotates therapist utterances in real-time according to the therapeutic role.

Demographic and clinical predictors of outcome
Catarino, A., Bateup, S., Tablan, V., Innes, K., Freer, S., Richards, A., ... & Blackwell, A. D.

This study, commissioned by ieso, investigates the demographic and clinical predictors of response to one-to-one CBT delivered via the internet.

RCT: Psychotherapy for depression
Kessler, D., Lewis, G., Kaur, S., Wiles, N., King, M., Weich, S., ... & Peters, T. J.

In this multicentre, randomised controlled trial, ieso investigates the effectiveness of CBT delivered online in real time by a therapist for patients with depression in primary care.

Science news

Our approach means we’re continually gathering a new understanding of what works in treatment, and why. Read our latest news, research and articles written by people shaping the future of mental healthcare.

2 Min Read
19 Jan 2022

Want to know how research into subtypes of depression and their responses to treatment is paving the way for an end to one-size-fits-all treatment for depression? Tune in to our latest podcast.

2 Min
12 Jan 2022

ieso, in partnership with Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, have been shortlisted for “Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS” at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2022

2 Min Read
14 Dec 2021

Did you know that rapport and empathy aren’t key ingredients in effective CBT? Find out more in Does Therapy work? - the second episode of ieso’s mental health-tech podcast, Thinking Ahead.

4 Min Read
6 Dec 2021

ieso spoke to MIT Technology Review to discuss how using AI to examine the language used by therapists could lead to more people feeling better and staying better.

5 Min Read
23 Nov 2021

UK innovator closes Series B financing to develop AI-enabled, evidence-based digital therapeutics built on the world's largest mental health treatment data set

3 Min Read
22 Nov 2021

ieso's mood and symptom checker asks How Are Things? and creates an evidence-based report from a psychological wellbeing professional to give users a clearer picture of their mental health.

2 Min Read
17 Nov 2021

Listen in to the first episode of our new mental health tech podcast, Thinking Ahead. Hear from our CEO, Nigel Pitchford, about how we’re scaling and staying true to our social purpose.

6 Min Read
4 Nov 2021

ieso reflects on the legacy of Dr Aaron Beck, the highly respected and pioneering neurologist who developed CBT treatment, who died this week at the age of 100.

1 Min
15 Oct 2021

ieso's Chief Science and Strategy Officer Dr Andy Blackwell joins the panel at Uppsala Health Summit to discuss “Innovative Strategies for Closing the Treatment Gap”

2 Min Read
2 Oct 2021

ieso, a leading provider of evidence-based, online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and innovator of ground-breaking research, features in The Economist’s latest review of mental healthcare program

20 Min Listen
11 May 2021

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, ieso Chief Science and Strategy Officer Dr Andy Blackwell features on Tech Talks podcast, a show offering insight into the tech sector.

3 Min Read
24 May 2020

With this year’s #IWD theme being ‘an equal world is an enabled world’ - #eachforequal – ieso advocate equality and enablement for everyone.

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ieso raises $53m to address global mental health crisis with digital therapeutics

UK innovator closes Series B financing to develop AI-enabled, evidence-based digital therapeutics built on the world's largest mental health treatment data set.

Read the full article here